Timber Unity demonstration in Salem, Oregon

KAYLEIGH JOHNSON, 11, of Roseburg, Ore., holds a Douglas fir sapling as she joins thousands of protesters outside the Oregon State Capitol building in Salem, on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020. The girl's father is a forester. The gathering of loggers, farmers, truck drivers and others were protesting a proposed carbon cap and trade bill being introduced in the Oregon legislature this session. Many of the protesters believe the climate change bill will unfairly burden people living in rural areas of Oregon and those dependent on industries like logging and mining.
Six-month-old EMERSYN TURNER is held by his mother MELISSA as they stand along along with several thousand protesters and watch big rigs roll past.
Logger MATT LANDIS, center, watches as trucks roll past the Capitol Building.

Many protesters held political signs as they watched the convoy roll through Salem.